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Feb. 19th, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Spinning - Long Draw

Finally sat back down at the wheel and gave long draw a try.  It was interesting.  Working from combed top I have to draft from the fold which kept trying to get away from me.  All though I don't think it came out too bad.

Jan. 24th, 2014

FO Friday - Chain plyed Riverstone

Continuing on the spinning theme from Wednesday, here is the most recent fiber off my wheel.  Its a combed merino top in colourway Riverstone.  The singles were chain plyed for a 3 ply.  It feels somewhere between a sock and sport weight yarn.  I wish the blues had stayed a little stronger but otherwise I'm really happy with it.  I'm thinking my might knit myself a cowl out of it.

Jan. 23rd, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Spinning

Finally started spinning some fiber, a 100% wool top in a colourway Icy Winter, which has been sitting in my stash for years.  Despite my intentions its spinning out much thinner than planned.  Girls at the spin-in I attended last Sunday suggested I set a smaller/lighter spindle if I'm going to keep spinning it that skinny.

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Jan. 18th, 2014

A Belated Finished Object Friday

Sometimes I remember to get a photo of things I finish before giving them away =)

Pattern is Wurm, in redhart yarn knit on 4mm needles.  Colour is a little brighter than in the image.

Toddler Raglan Hoodie, sized for 12m bebe, knit on 4mm & 4.5mm needles with Cascade 220 from stash.

Immaculate Heart, heart is Cascade 220, flames are my knit with my very own handspun with embroidery floss accents, flowers are craft felt with vintage buttons.

Jan. 15th, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesdays

Here's my first WIP Wednesday for 2014 =)  A toddler sweater I'm knitting for my Jellybean.  All stashed DK superwash wool from stash, on 3.75mm kneedles.  Pattern is Telemark Pullover , size 18m.  By the time I started the sleeves I realized I wasn't going to have enough green so I'm adding in yellow.  I'll likely be ripping back the body and reknitting the middle strip in yellow.

Jan. 3rd, 2014

Whats on the Wheel

So much catching up to do, as usual, lets start with what's spinning.  Some combed merino top in colourway "riverstone."  The blue is less distinct than I would like now that its spun but its still pretty.  2nd bag seemed to spin up easier and faster than the first, but that's probably the result of practice.  Yay practice!

This is the single waiting to be plyied.  Its so skinny!

Here it is plied, 3ply via chain or Navajo plied technique.  It too is skinny, but less so.  Its looking closer to a fingerling/sock weight than the dk/sport I was expecting.

Once this is all plyied up I'm going to try long draw drafting for a woolen yarn, likely in something muck bulkier for a pair of mittens or hat.  It will also be my first time spinning something with a finished project in mind, rather than a surprise!

Nov. 19th, 2013

Playing Catch-Up: Sewing

Once again time got away from me and I've failed to post what I've been up to.  in my defense Jellybean permits me little to no computer time.  He's asleep for now and I just can't bring myself to do the dishes just yet.  So here we go playing catch up.  First up, sewing!  Been doing more of that lately.  A whole 3 projects but when you only get to sew for 30-45min at a time after kiddo bedtime it seems like a whole lot more.

A Pirate and his Monkey

Willipus having outgrown the lion costume I made him a couple of years back asked this year to be a pirate.  I joked it would be great to find a parrot costume for Jellybean, but Krotious said a monkey would be even cuter (and probably easier to make).  Ta Da! The whole family dressed up as pirates even.  I've gone and put the patterns away but both were Simplicity I believe.  The monkey was real straight forward, a learn-to-sew pattern.  The Pirate really put me through my paces.  The shirt had me doing all sorts of things I hadn't done or just fugded before, like gathering at the should of the sleeves.
A side note: we did find a parrot costume, but it was too big =)

A Coat for Maya

A couple of years back  I'd made a good friend a coat for her dog, Missy, for xmas.  With Maya's addition to the pack she wanted one for her too.  Turns out she and Missy are about the same size so I could use the pattern again.  The pink and black hound's tooth fleece worked out great.  Though I must note that the bias tape kicked my butt this time around.  Not sure what I was going wrong but we're hoping it settles after a wash or two.

Aug. 28th, 2013

Nutmeg & Toffee - All plied up!

I'm so happy this project is done.  Nutmeg & Toffee coloured coridale all plied and ready to go.  I over-plied the heck out of it because I wanted a nice tight ply.  There's over 500m of what I'm guessing is a sock or sport weight.  I'll have to swatch it to be sure.  Now to decide what to make of it.

Slowly I have a stash of handspun yarn growing.

Aug. 18th, 2013

Mission Dachshund: Complete

As the pattern said, Knit Your Own Dog's Dachshund was a quick knit... Just not all in one sitting =)  The finished product is about 7" long and 3-4" tall.  And Willipus really likes him.  Especially swinging him around from his little tail.

Also on the list of FO's is a pvc niddy-noddy!  I can finally wind my finished yarns off the spinning wheel into proper skeins for washing and setting.

Used the AntiCrafts online tute.

Aug. 6th, 2013

Playing Catch Up: Spinning

Because Jellybean is still napping and I don't know when I'll next get computer time, here is another post about spinning!

During her visit from the UK my SIL stayed with us for most of a week, and we spent a large amount of time being spinning nerds.  It was great!  Mostly we played with our drop spindles, as I was still having a snit with my wheel.  She had a bag of Blue-faced Leicester I tried not to drool over too much.  I continued to spin the super-wash merino I'd been playing with.  Not sure how I managed to spin it up so thin especially on a drop spindle.  |Its looking somewhere between sport and fingerling weight.  Its pretty inconsistent draft-wise, but has evened out nicely once plied.  I haven'ed measured how much the little skein is.  I'm think of using it to knit little lace gloves or cuffs/bracelets.

I booked a car and brought my wheel to the last spin-in at Espace Inter.  While my SIL had been down I spun long enough to show her the issue I was having.  Between the 2 of us all we could come up with was that it was breaking due to under spinning.  The ladies at the spin-in determined the same thing.  So I've been treadling even fasted.  Poor thing looks like I'm trying to take flight with it or something.  Seems to be working though.  I'm still having little bouts of breakage at the bobbin, but not nearly so frequent.  I've got most of the Nutmeg spun up now.  One more sitting and it should be done.  Then its on to plying.

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