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Playing Catch Up: Spinning

Because Jellybean is still napping and I don't know when I'll next get computer time, here is another post about spinning!

During her visit from the UK my SIL stayed with us for most of a week, and we spent a large amount of time being spinning nerds.  It was great!  Mostly we played with our drop spindles, as I was still having a snit with my wheel.  She had a bag of Blue-faced Leicester I tried not to drool over too much.  I continued to spin the super-wash merino I'd been playing with.  Not sure how I managed to spin it up so thin especially on a drop spindle.  |Its looking somewhere between sport and fingerling weight.  Its pretty inconsistent draft-wise, but has evened out nicely once plied.  I haven'ed measured how much the little skein is.  I'm think of using it to knit little lace gloves or cuffs/bracelets.

I booked a car and brought my wheel to the last spin-in at Espace Inter.  While my SIL had been down I spun long enough to show her the issue I was having.  Between the 2 of us all we could come up with was that it was breaking due to under spinning.  The ladies at the spin-in determined the same thing.  So I've been treadling even fasted.  Poor thing looks like I'm trying to take flight with it or something.  Seems to be working though.  I'm still having little bouts of breakage at the bobbin, but not nearly so frequent.  I've got most of the Nutmeg spun up now.  One more sitting and it should be done.  Then its on to plying.